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Intellectual Property


Intellectual property (or IP) refers to creative work which can be treated as an asset or physical property. Intellectual property rights fall principally into four main areas; copyright, trademarks, design rights and patents.


1. Copyright is the protection granted under the Copyright Act 1987 and is conferred automatically without any need for registration or other formalities provided the work is original and is written, recorded or reduced to some  material form.

2. Notice of copyright may be affixed to the copyrightable material.


1. A trademark is a sign which distinguishes the goods and services of one  trader from those of another, includes words, logos, pictures, letters, numbers or a combination of these.

2. Trademarks owners have exclusive right to use their marks in trading and  can take legal action for infringement against others who use their marks without consent.

Design rights

1. A design may consists of three-dimensional features (the shape or surface of  an article); two-dimensional features (patterns, lines, or ornamentation). The design features must be applied to an article by any industrial process or means  of which the features in the finished article appeal to eye.

2. To be registered under the Industrial Designs Act 1996, a design must be new and not been made available or disclosed to any public anywhere in Malaysia before the filling date of the industrial design application.


1. The University will seek patent protection for inventions which are commercially attractive, viable and intellectually meritorious and/or to comply with the terms of sponsored research agreement.

2. Notice of “Patent Pending” or “Granted Patent No.”may be affixed to an invention patented by the University.

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