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Turbine Ventilation With An Auxiliary Wind Powered Fan

Co-Researchers: Normayati Nordin
Impact Engineering, Biodiesel, Combustion, Energy


Turbine Ventilation with an auxiliary wind powered fan is basically an adaptation of the existing turbine ventilator. It is one of devises which applied the principles of natural ventilation. Generally, the function of turbine ventilator is to improve Indoor Air Quality energy which is consuming the power of wind to be environmentally functioning. The modification on existing turbine ventilator design has been made by adding an extra fan onto it. The purpose of adding an extra fan onto the turbine ventilator is to increase the air flow out from the building and proportionally will produce fresh air continuously inside the house. Besides that, it also to prevent the space from the fumes and odours.







Commercialization Potential

  • Turbine ventilator with an auxiliary wind powered fan(TVAF) has a high commercialization potential.
  • The indoor air temperature reduced up to 4degC from the outside air temperature when TVAF is installed. Whereas, only 2degC of reduction if existing turbine ventilator(TV) is applied.
  • With TVAF, the indoor air velocity can be sustained approximately up to 23% of outside air velocity, BUT with TV, less than 7% of indoor air velocity produced.
  • In addition, TVAF has minimized the level of CO2 concentration up to 470ppm, which is 20ppm less when using TV.
  • Finally, in terms of relative humidity, TVAF results in 68% reduction. This value is within the acceptable range for IAQ according to ASHRAE Standard 62-1999.
  • All these findings prove that TVAF has a great potential to be commercialized.

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Kamarudin, K. A., & Nordin, N. (2019). Turbine Ventilation With An Auxiliary Wind Powered Fan. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N960201
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