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TexCO Ballistic-Resistance Panel

Co-Researchers: Noorfarahain Syazwani Azman, Roslan Ahmad, Mariatti Jaafar
Textile Composite, Natural Fiber Composite, Textile Modeling, Impact Response, Lean Manufacturing


TexCo panel is a composite panel that utilized Coconut Coir natural fiber as the reinforcer and epoxy as the matrix resin. The unique part is where Coir is formed into plain woven structure where it provides dimensional stability as the primary advantage to the composite structure. This structure also offers high impact resistance to the composite panel. The combination of woven coir with plain woven Kevlar 29 had further improved the performance of resistance to impact.


Coir/Kevlar inter-ply hybrid composite consists of 2 woven coir plies and only 1 Kevlar ply provides equivalent specific total impact energy absorption with fully Kevlar laminate (at 3 layers). Placing Kevlar ply at the front surface gives a minimal damage area. Major reduction in the usage of Kevlar was achieved which contributed to cost-effective materials and support green technology.










Novelty and Inventiveness

  • New materials and reinforcement structure for armor panel – woven coconut coir fiber.
  • New hybrid laminated composite (coir/Kevlar).


  • Reduce the cost of current composite (> 32%) – CHEAPER.
  • Minimizing the usage of very high cost and synthetic material – GO GREEN.
  • Utilizing local commodity.
  • Increase employability rate especially in rural area with coconut plantation.

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Abdul Rashid, A. H., Azman, N. S., Ahmad, R., & Jaafar, M. (2019). TexCO Ballistic-Resistance Panel. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N674369
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