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Self-Lifted Stand for Motorcycle Safety (SMARTS)

Co-Researchers: Mohd Ezree Abdullah, Nik Hisyamuddin Mohd Nur, Mohd Fahrul Hassan, Narong Oh Lai Ching, Nazrin Anjang, Tan Wu Lim, Nanthini Kanasan, Mohd Lutfi Suhaimi


SMARTS is an innovation that assists the motorcycle rider who forgets to lift-up the motorcycle stand before he/she gets ready to ride. SMARTS is operated automatically compared to the conventional stand, which is operates manually. This special function may prevent the rider from the risky of an accident or injury. In the event of the rider failing to lift up the stand, the rider in risky situation particularly when he/she wants to makes a turning maneuvre.


Therefore, the Self-Lifted Stand for Motorcycle Safety (SMARTS) is designed to prevent this problem from occuring. With this system, the stand is automatically lifted up whenever a rider is in a ready position to get the motorcycle moving.


smarts2 smarts3




Novelty and Inventiveness

  • SMARTS is a new idea that can prevent the aforementioned problems by
    making the side stand of the motorcycle a self-lifted stand.
  • This product provides an automatic operating side stand that fulfills the requirements of the user, provides the best functionality, improves safety elements is affordable for all users and is compatible with all motorcycle models.
  • With an automatic self-lifted system, the stand is equipped with damper mechanism that is triggered whenever the motorcycle is pulled by a rider or otherwise.
  • In order to prevents the motorcycle from suddenly moving without concern, hence could causing sidedown, SMARTS comes with an additional active and inactive lock mechanism inside the stand rod to overcome this situation.

Usefulness and Application

  • The motorcycle rider does not need to lift up the stand manually, since it
    is lifted up automatically by SMARTS.
  • SMARTS is fully operated with a mechanical system that does not require
    electronic devices.
  • SMARTS is able to avoid risky situation that may lead to accident if the
    rider forgets to lift up the motorcycle stand.
  • With an additional active and inactive locking mechanism, it can prevent
    the motorcycle from sidedown as a result of by mishandling or sudden
    movement without concern.
  • SMARTS is suitable and practical for all ranges of motorcycles. Also, it is
    possible to be applied to bicycles.
  • The price is affordable and it is value for money. More importantly
    SMARTS is big on the safety element as well.

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Ambak, K., Abdullah, M. E., Mohd, N. H., Hassan, M. F., Lai, N. O., Anjang, N., . . . Suhaimi, M. L. (2019). Self-Lifted Stand for Motorcycle Safety (SMARTS). Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N482901
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