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The escalating fuel prices have increased the popularity of small-engine usage as a mode of transportation, not only in this country, but also all over the world. The mainly carburetted engines are very inefficient, consume more fuel and produce high level of hazardous emissions that results in serious health problems related to air pollution. It has also been reported that motorcycles contribute to 47% of air pollution in Malaysia.


Our product, FuelGainKitTM (FGK), provides an effective and affordable solution to these problems. It is a kit that is mounted on a small engine to totally replace the inefficient carburettor with a fuel injection mechanism, which can improve its fuel economy by injecting suitable amount of fuel for better combustion and results in 20% fuel cost reduction, more than 50% improvement in power delivery and up to 40% reduction in exhaust emissions. The kit consists of a throttle body and fuel injection system with specially designed intake manifold and an electronic control unit (ECU) module. The amount of fuel injected is carefully calculated and controlled by the ECU developed by our very own experts.








  • Optimum manifold and injector angle design.
  • Simpler retrofit fuel injection system module.
  • Use of existing electrical system of the carburetor engine.


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