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Portable Flow Inspector (Pfi)

Co-Researchers: Ruzairi bin Abdul Rahim, Hanis liyana Mohmad, Ameran Ahmad Azahari bin Hamzah
UTHM, Parit Raja, Johor, Malaysia ,
Instrumentation, Tomography, Sensing and Technology


16 electrode portable sensor that can be used for measuring the permittivity distribution of a mixture of 2 dielectric materials inside a closed vessel. Non-invasive, non-invasive, non-destructive and on-line technique. Integration intelligent electrode sensing circuit on each electrode sensor, (embedded on single plate).

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Mohamad, E. J., Abdul, R. B., Mohmad, H. L., & Azahari, A. A. (2019). Portable Flow Inspector (Pfi). Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N251547
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