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Moval Drain System


Moval Drain System is a new design product of floor drain system that been specifically designed to prevent leakage and blockage that origin from bathroom/shower room area. Root of leakage have been identified due to:

a) Poor connection between waterproofing membrane with pipe drain surface;

b) Present of accumulated moisture and liquid water inside mortar that cause pressure that deteriorate waterproofing membrane.

With MOVAL Pipe, flange element improve the quality of waterproofing work and provide excellent connection between drain pipe and the membrane. Cap is applied during construction is to prevent entrance of waste and dust which can cause blockage. Presence of weep-holes provide release mechanism for liquid water and moisture from mortar layer, thus improve service life and performance of waterproof membrane. MOVAL Gel has been introduce to improve performance moisture absorption from mortar layer. Innovative approach has been taken by mix and blend this gel with fragrance substance, that also able to dispels insect to enter bathroom from drain pipe. New approach on floor trap design that for complete package with the system is MOVAL Trap, which prevent accumulation of hair on surface of your bathroom, mean no more hair on your bathroom surface.

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