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$150,000.00 Fixed Price
113 days
Innovation Science Research, Intelligent System, Research Funding, Web Applications


This proposed research project, named MeetInventorTM aims aims to promote academic research towards commercializing academic research products. MeetInventorTM enables this process by encouraging researchers to expose their research works and capabilities. The need for promoting academic research products is essential so that the research work does not end in the academic arena. These potential research innovations need to be exposed to the world to increase the chances of getting funding from interested agencies and companies.








In existing practices, most research management centres mainly functions as repository to keep records of research activities, including research innovations. The process from research to commercialization often takes time as it involves ad hoc services. Due to this, many potential research products fail to hit the commercial markets. The MeetInventorTM portal aims to facilitate and speed-up these services by means of digital presence. It is deemed necessary to have a ‘one-stop centre’ to help universities to search for relevant investors, thus creating better opportunities for research funding and product commercialization. The use of MeetInventorTM framework for elevating academic innovation products via the MeetInventorTM portal could greatly improve the likelihood of commercial success.


  • Auto Generated QOI References
  • Increase universities KPI
  • Product and IP listing
  • Easy access to Research Projects or products by scanning QOI using smartphone

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Ong, (2019). MeetInventor: An Academic Innovation and Science Research Towards Commercialization. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 2074-8523-2019/MTUNN409748
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