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“KEN-REST” Multipurpose and High Performance Eco-Friendly Hybrid Composite

Co-Researchers: Luqman Musa, Nur Firdaus Mohamed Yusof, Nasaruddin Mohamad Nor, Mohd Mustafa Albakri Abdullah


There is a dramatically surge in interest in environmentally materials and technology in industrial sectors and composites derived from natural, renewable resources. Septic tanks, manhole covers, automotive parts and structural composite are widely made of fiberglass which is expensive, cause harm to workers, abrasive to processing equipment and not environmentally friendly.


We need an alternative to replace the fiberglass to other material which is greener, safer and at the same time offer high performance properties. Promoted as low-cost and low-weight (low density) alternatives to fiberglass, kenaf has signaled the start of a “green” composite industry with enormous potential. This hybrid biocomposite features an advanced FRP which hybrid the natural (Kenaf fibers) and glass fiber technology, remains the strength with lightest mass and safest processing. The advanced ergonomic aspects of hybrid biocomposite are lightweight, high performance, less expensive and offer safety to workforce from injuries associated with heavy casting, ease of recycling and carbon dioxide neutrality (environmentally friendly). This heavy duty Eco Friendly FRP Composite has signalled the start of eco-friendly composite industry with enormous benefits to environment, customer as well as workers.



  • To overcome environmental problems caused by production of glass fiber Environmental friendly of final product making
  • To overcome the injury problem caused by bulky and heavy manhole cover during production and remover of the manhole cover
  • Use environmental friendly and renewable material as reinforcement
  • To overcome problem of stealing of steel for scrap metal.
  • Weight to one-fifth as much as steel (low density of kenaf fiber)
  • These composites do not rust or corrode like steel
  • Encourage production ofkenaf in Malaysia


1. This innovation is new and use combination of kenaf fiber and glassfiber as reinforcement in hybrid FRP manhole cover composite.

2. Utilization of kenaf fiber (natural fiber) as reinforcement which is non-expensive, lightweight into heavy duty and high performance commercial products in composite industry.

3. Comparable properties with commercial product (e.g. mechanical properties)

4. Mass production with simple to moderate engineering skills



  • Septic tank: Aeration Tank, Saperation Tank
  • Rain Collector Tank
  • Water Tank
  • Fish Tank
  • Manhole cover for areas which can be used by pedestrians, pedal cyclists and footways, carparks, hard shoulder
  • Automitive parts
  • Structural

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Rozyanty, R., Musa, L., Mohamed, N. F., Nor, N. M., & Albakri, M. M. (2018). "KEN-REST" Multipurpose and High Performance Eco-Friendly Hybrid Composite. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2018-MTUNConnect.N532788
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