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Green Glass Powder

Co-Researchers: Hidayu Jamil Noorina, Mohd Zaki Ruhiyuddin, Darus Murizam, Shahrizam Saad, Wan Mohd Arif W. Ibrahim, Mohamed Faisol Mohamed Nor


Green glass powder is an eco-friendly glass powder from agro wastes such as palm ash, rice husk and bamboo leaf. Value propositions offered by our green glass powder to the potential clients include the following; an alternative glass to sand based silica, resolve agricultural waste management and competitive in production cost – lower price of agricultural waste.


Recycling of agricultural wastes as a raw materials for GG-Powder hugely reduce the unnecessary materials on land and reducing the disposal cost while maintaining better social life.




1. Reduce disposal cost of farms.

2. Reduce environmental impact of normal glass production that using sand as raw material.



1. The value proposition shall be offered to the potential clients such as glass manufacturer and glass packaging market for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

2. There are four major glass producers in Malaysia. This can be opportunities for us to contribute the green glass powder in their final product instead of being competitor.

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Che Pa, F., Noorina, H. J., Ruhiyuddin, M. Z., Murizam, D., Saad, S., Arif, W. M., & Mohamed, M. F. (2019). Green Glass Powder. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N086920
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