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This product is basically a device that can be used for substituting the conventional fuel (in form of gasoline) to an alternative fuel; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The retrofit kit is able to install in any gasoline generators, where it allows a low pressure propane gas flows to the carburetor which remains unmodified.

Function :

  • Integrated design; combining Air-LPG mixer and pressure regulator
  • Compact design, less components, less gross weight and low cost
  • To reduce the penalty of fuel supply and cost (in form of gasoline or diesel fuel)
  • To maximize the utilization of LPG as a single fuel source
  • To improve the performance of the generator with better exhaust gas emissions reduction

Usage :

  • Night market user
  • Small stall user
  • Camp organizer
  • Scuba divers club (on-board)
  • Running on LPG is cheaper than using gasoline
  • Low Particulate Matters (PM) emissions.
  • Reduced up to 33% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and 15% of Carbon Monoxide (CO) upon installation
  • LPG also emits almost no black carbon soot
  • No aromatic hydrocarbon
  • prolong engine lifespan about two to three times more in comparison with gasoline engine
  • Home delivery available for larger tanks
  • Safe because it burns in the engine in the gaseous phase, propane results in less corrosion and engine wear than gasoline does.

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