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Fish Scale Remover Tool

Co-Researchers: Eryka Respolyn Anak Emley, Nor Shamila Abdul Majid, Sharria Sendai Anak Gay, Aida Syazwani Ya Shak


An automatic fish scale remover tool (Patent pending: PI2016001563) has been designed and fabricated based on the customer requirements. Basically, the target customers are housewives, local traders, and local food industries who need the apparatus that capable to remove fish scales in order to save human energy, less time-consuming and increase productivity. Normally, people especially housewives will remove the fish scales manually where traditional tools are available in the market.


Most of the local traders also use the traditional method, but some of the local food industries have used special tools that bought from the overseas, as we can found it from the internet [sources from our survey]. This situation shows that the process of removing the fish scales is vital where the fish scales must be removed as one of the cleaning processes. The process of removing the fish scales is depending on the tool used, where using the traditional tool will take more time than the automatic tool, but the automatic tool is costly. Therefore, this invention has been designed to overcome the limitations with an excellent solution to provide a variety of features.







The novelty of this invention resides in:

  • the Battery-operated fish scale remover tool to enable simultaneously and automated scale removing process to be performed for a plurality of fishes, with minimal human intervention.
  • Recycling of used water during scale removing process.


  • The present invention solves a problem by providing an automated and easier way of removing scales on a fish; which has been a painstaking task for housewives, local traders and relevant daily users.

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Hassan, M. F., Anak, E. R., Abdul, N. S., Anak, S. S., & Ya, A. S. (2018). Fish Scale Remover Tool. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2018-MTUNConnect.N596009
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