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e-Ticketing System Using QR Technology

Co-Researchers: Massila Kamalrudin, Syafeeza Ahmad Radzi, Balakumaran Nehrudevan, Akif Md Nor, Nur Aina Mardiah Nurazmi, Siti Wardatul Sakinah Sedek


E-Ticketing System using QR (Quick Response) Code technology is a mobile application where customers can buy tickets via mobile. Every ticket purchased will be given QR code for verification process. The QR code is essential during the boarding process where customer need to show their QR code before on board to the bus. Bus driver will then scan customer QR code to update the availability of the passenger. This will ease the management to check the overall passenger for every trip who already on board and who is not.

The current implementation needs staff to print the ticket during purchasing process at counter. Perhaps, customer needs to line up in order to purchase ticket. This new system will support the eco green campaign that urged by the government with using less paper. It will improve the current system by using QR code whereby it is more efficient for the customer to keep the ticket. It also improves the management process in generating reports easily and systematically. Finally, this system will ease the customer to book their ticket via online using mobile application or web-based.









  • This system will help to reduce the customer effort to line up at the counter to buy tickets.
  • This system would help in reducing the uses of paper to be printed out.
  • This system will help the management department to generate report efficiently.
  • This system will help the bus driver to verify the customer’s ticket using QR code rather than the current system that make the bus driver to verify every customer’s ticket by tick the list names on a printed paper.


  • Using QR technology for driver and customer convenient.
  • Ease the driver to check boarded passenger for particular trip.
  • Ease the customer by providing android version of online ticketing.


  • For the use of buses in private sectors.

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Mustafa, N., Kamalrudin, M., Radzi, S. A., Nehrudevan, B., Nor, A. M., Mardiah, N. A., & Sakinah, S. W. (2019). e-Ticketing System Using QR Technology. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N02140
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