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Data Quality, Software Metric, Database Management


E-Repository is a data-centric dynamic database system which is developed to manage and monitor the process of evaluating final year projects (FYP) in higher education.


Hardcopy documents such as project proposals, log books, and final report (thesis) that are used as evidences for lecturers to evaluate FYPs are kept in E-Repository in digital forms. The system overcomes the problem of limited physical storage as the requirement to maintain hardcopy documents is eliminated.

Tedious documents searching and monitoring can also be avoided. E-repository innovates the way FYP is managed and monitored in higher education , that also offers ‘green’ data management.

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Emran, N. A., & HARUM, N. (2019). E-REPOSITORY. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N587637
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