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Controllable Fish Feeding System

Co-Researchers: Zain, B.A.M.,Rashid, A.Q.A,Jafferi,N.M,Yahaya S., Ezree, A., Zaman, I.
UTHM, Parit Raja, Johor, Malaysia ,
Parametric Modelling, Control, Vibration


Determining the feasibility of spraying machine control systems with using solar energy. This machine uses solar energy for power supply. This is for save energy and cost from use direct current. From the graph it show that the solar average charging can manage 3-4 volt per hour so it get enough power supply to operate the machine for daily use.








  • The machine were easy to use and can saving energy by using natural energy.
  • It can manage scheduling setting for daily used and had a storage tank that can put maximum capacity to the 30 kg.

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Md Salleh, S., Zain, B.A.M., Rashid, A.Q.A, Jafferi, , . . . I.. (2019). Controllable Fish Feeding System. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2019-MTUNConnect.N541473
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