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Shopping Mall Assistant

RM100.00 (8 hours) Per Hour
244 days
by Yew Guan, Soo (n/a)
0 Proposals

Buyer decision-making is sometimes all about price, deals, and coupons. If shoppers have to hunt for promotions, deals, or coupon codes, they may abandon your mobile site or app to search for them, leaving no clear path back to return to their shopping experience. Avoid losing shoppers who have yet to make a purchase by providing promotions, deals,...

4 months ago
Embedded System, Bio-signal Processing

MeetInventor: An Academic Innovation and Science Research Towards Commercialization

$150,000.00 Fixed Price
235 days
by Ong Sing Goh (n/a)
0 Proposals

This proposed research project, named MeetInventorTM aims aims to promote academic research towards commercializing academic research products. MeetInventorTM enables this process by encouraging researchers to expose their research works and capabilities. The need for promoting academic research products is essential so that the research work does not end in the academic arena. These potential research innovations need to be...

4 months ago
Innovation Science Research, Intelligent System, Research Funding, Web Applications

Smart Mobile Phone Dis-connector

RM500.00 Fixed Price
46 days
by Ranjit Singh (n/a)
0 Proposals

Mobile phone always requires charging to keep it alive. Due to charging required factor, consumers prefer to leave their mobile phone stay connected even though it is hundred percent (100 %) charged.  This factor leads to damaging the mobile phone battery and at the same time also damaging the circuit board system. Looking at these factors, this proposal...

11 months ago
Electronics system, consumer electronics

‘Suci-Uris’ a Male Urinal System Funded

RM200,000.00 Fixed Price
40 days
0 Proposals

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) produced a 'Male Urinal System' product known as 'Suci-Uris' to facilitate consumers, especially men to urinate without having to go to the toilet.

11 months ago
UTeM, Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysia
Concurrent Engineering, New Product Development, Green Design, Analytical Hierarchy Process
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