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Pre-Com Fund (TechnoFund)


Pre-Com Fund is a grant scheme which aims to stimulate the growth and successful innovation of Malaysian enterprises by increasing the level of R&D and its commercialisation. The scheme provides funding for technology development, up to pre-commercialisation stage, with the commercial potential to create new businesses and generate economic wealth for the nation.


  • to undertake the development of new or cutting edge technologies or further develop/value add existing technologies/products in specific areas for the creation of new businesses and generation of economic wealth for Malaysia;
  • to undertake market driven R&D towards commercialisation of R&D outputs;
  • to encourage institutions, local companies and inventors to capatalise their intellectual work through intellectual property (IP) registration; and
  • to stimulate the growth and increase capability and capacity of Malaysian technology-based enterprises, Malaysian Government Research Institutes (GRI) and Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) through both local and international collaborations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All categories of companies must have a minimum 51% equity held by Malaysians;
  • Applicant or collaborator under the small and medium company category must have minimum paid up capital in cash of RM10,000.00. However, start-up companies are exempted from this stipulation but must have provide justification and supporting documents on the ability to sustain itself;
  • None of the company directors or project team members have been convicted of any fraudulent activities or the company been declared bankrupt, under liquidation or placed under receivership;
  • The proposed project must contain elements of technological innovation leading to commercialisation of innovative products, processes and services;
  • The proposed project should be in the pre commercialisation stage with established Proof of Concept (POC);
  • The project leader and team members must be competent to undertake the proposed project. The resume and supporting documents of the project leader and each project team member must also be submitted.
  • The following are not eligible for funding under the Pre Commercialisation Fund:
  1. Projects under the scope, responsibility or portfolio of certain Ministry, Department or Agency other than MOSTI; and
  2. Applications from Research Institutes with internal research funding such as CESS Fund.

Scope of Funding

1. The Pre Commercialisation (TechnoFund) will cover:

  • the acquisition of technology (foreign and/or local). Applicants should provide the acquisition agreement or if such an agreement is not in place, applicants shall provide details of the technology to be acquired;
  • the up-scaling of laboratory-scale prototype or the development of commercial ready prototype; and
  • pre-clinical testing/clinical testing/field trials.

2. The funding can be used for the following:

  • pilot plant/ prototype – equipment and supporting infrastructure which is directly related to the pilot plant;
  • IP Preparation and Registration in Malaysia only (excluding maintenance) – existing and new IP;
  • market testing/ assessment and/or evaluation;
  • regulatory and standards compliance;
  • expenditure for services (consultancy/ testing) not exceeding 20% of project cost;
  • contract expenditure applicable to IHLs and GRIs only (research assistant);
  • raw materials/consumbles; and
  • technology/IP acquisition (if applicable).

3. The funding cannot be used for the following:

  • purchase or rental of capital assets such as building, vehicle and furniture;
  • construction of infrastructure which is not directly related to the pilot plant;
  • utilities;
  • travelling costs;
  • salary or allowances of any personnel (except as stated for IHLs and GRIs); and
  • collateral or loan for any purpose.

Project Duration

The project duration is up to 30 months.

  • Additional 6 months is permitted for application involving IP acquisition.
  • An additional of 24 months from the maximum project duration of 30 months will be added for the post-evaluation purposes.

Quantum of Funding

The quantum for each project is between RM1,500,000.00 to RM3,000,000.00 depending on the merit of the proposal.


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