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Flicking System For Producing High Throughput 3D Cells

RM100.00 Fixed Price
302 days
by Chin Fhong, Soon (n/a)
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This is the first machine that is designed to  icroencapsulate cells in alginate membrane leading to the growth of microtissues or 3D cells. This product has the advantage of allowing exchange of media and produced uniform size of microtissues. The size control is based on the optimized flow rate of alginate and flicking speed.

2 months ago

Diabe-Tea Funded

RM59.00 Fixed Price
60 days
0 Proposals

The present invention of Diabe-Tea is formulated mixtures of 3 different herbs namely are Pecah Beling (Strobilanthes crispus), Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon stamineus) and Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana). This product acts as complimentary medicine in treating diabetes mellitus diseases, and as to provide an alternative herbal beverage for public consumers. Both Pecah Beling and Misai Kucing were traditionally used in...

10 months ago
Nutraceutical, Nutritional Sciences, Biomedical Sciences
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