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RM50,000.00 Fixed Price
273 days
by Yasmin (n/a)
0 Proposals

SWID Web is a system which is designed to assist authorities in managing solid waste illegal dumping in Malaysia. This system is a web based programmed that incorporate mobile applications of geo-tagging platform which enable for reporting, triggering alerts and responding incidents of illegal dumping using smart phone. In this system, photos are captured by site officer and...

3 months ago

Industrial Training Assessment System

RM0.00 Fixed Price
183 days
by Rafizah (n/a)
0 Proposals

Industrial Training Assessment System (ITAS) was designed to be a user friendly, generic, web-based system to ease access to assessment records for students undergoing industrial training in a more organised and efficient way. The assessment criteria provided will have radio buttons for the supervisors to tick the relevant sections and this makes rewarding of marks more standardised and also...

6 months ago
Speech Recognition, Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence
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