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Smart Obrometer With Flood Alert Apps System

Co-Researchers: Muhamad Riduwan Md Nawawi, Johar Akhbar Mohamat Gani


The Smart Obrometer with Flood Alert Apps System are developed to collect, record and monitor data regarding the amount of rainfall volume in specified areas, especially those are susceptible and risky to have major flood or flash flood phenomenon. This system consists of rain sensor, tipping bucket, controller and flood notification apps via wireless technology.


The tipping bucket used to measure the amount of rainfall according to the tip drop frequency. If the number of tipping is more than the threshold setting, it shows that there is possibility of flood to occur. The controller will process the amount of rainfall, and then the data sent to the meteorology base station. In addition, the data can be receive by the risky flood residents via application software, ran on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

Furthermore, the system is also powered by solar power energy as one of the initiative towards energy saving and acculturate the green technology application. Hence, this system presents a practical solution to give a precaution reminder to residents of flood risky areas on the probability of the flood occurrence based on accurate measurements of the rainfall.


  • Flood is the natural phenomena that occur every year at Peninsular Malaysia due to the heavy rainfall which usually occurs at east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Obrometer also known as rain gauge is an equipment that is used to measure cumulative rain fall at a specific location.
  • It is used to collect rainfall statistic and to predict the probability of flood to be occured.

Problem Statement

  • Floods in Malaysia happen nearly every year during monsoon season due to heavy rain
  • East of Malaysia normally experience flood during November to February
  • But, no immediate information about possibility of flooding.



  •  To detect rainfall in the particular area
  • To measure the total volume of rainfall with the precise reading using tipping bucket design mechanism.
  • To give a precaution reminder on the probability of the flood occurrence.


Mobile Application


Advantages of the Product

  • Rain sensor, the system will only operate when the rain sensor triggered.
  • Powered by solar power system.
  • Uses tipping bucket mechanism for more precise reading.
  • Wind shield and insect cover for extra protection.
  • MYFAS apps as a convenient way to reach users nowadays


  • Applied green technology, which uses solar power system.
  • Send the count of precipitation data to processor unit via wireless RF technology
  • Send an early alert to user about possibility of flash flood or stand flood through MYFAS Apps.
  • MYFAS Apps as the receiving data mechanism. Represent data in more convenient way.

Product Commercialization

  • Headquarters of Department of Irrigation and Drainage
  • Local authorities in the regions with higher possibility of floods.
  • Tourism and vacation attraction area.

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Lada, M. Y., Md, M. R., & Mohamat, J. A. (2018). Smart Obrometer With Flood Alert Apps System. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2018-MTUNConnect.N35872
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