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Green Technology Solventless Extraction of Beneficial Essential Oil

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147 days
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Essential oils are recognized for their aromatic smell and possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anticancer and bio pesticide properties. Due to these intriguing biological activities,m essential oils are widely applied in the cosmetic industry producing various cologne waters, bathing essences, hair lotions and shampoos and as a component of disinfectant and insecticides. As a result, the market demand...

7 months ago

Moisture Removal Floor trap System For Concrete Leakage Prevention (MOVAL Drain)

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356 days
by nhisyam (n/a)
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MOVAL Drain is a new innovation of floor trap product that used to prevent leakage and fungi or mould growth at bathroom areas. Its name MOVAL has derived from two words that presenting the application of the product, which are “moisture” and “removal”. The developed product is installed at the water drainage area (existing product is using floor...

1 week ago
Failure prevention, civil construction
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