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Moisture Removal Floor Trap System For Concrete Leakage Prevention

RM100.00 Fixed Price
145 days
by Nickholas Anting (n/a)
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MOVAL® Drain is a new innovation of floor trap product that used to prevent leakage and fungi or mold growth at bathroom areas. Its name MOVAL has derived from two words that presenting the application of the product, which are “moisture” and “removal”. The developed product is installed at the water drainage area (existing product is using floor...

7 months ago
Civil Engineering, Green Technology, Sustainable Environment, Structural Engineering, Material Science and Engineering

FLICK-CAP Flicker Machine for Microencapsulation

RM100.00 Fixed Price
63 days
by Chin Fhong, Soon (n/a)
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2D cell model has been used widely and routinely used for stem cell, cancer cell and mammalian cell cultures. Current 2D (monolayer) cell culture in biological laboratory producing monolayer of cells for analysis and cell study is far from the physiological system which is in three dimensional with multicellular structure.

10 months ago
Bioengineering, Surface Science, Cell Based Biosensor, 3D Cell Culture, Bioinstrumentation
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