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Performing five times of solah per day is an obligation for all Muslims. Each of the five solah has different raka’ah. While performing the solah, there is possibility to forget how many raka’ah have been completed especially in performing four raka’ah solah which are Zuhr, Asr and Isya’. This difficulty of remembering the raka’ah sequences could happen to inexperienced children, the elderly and those having cognitive and memory weakness. This situation may affect the concentration while performing solah. Therefore, i-Sajadah is proposed as a smart device to notify the user on exact raka’ah that has been completed. This device consists of sensory component, processor and indicator system. As a result, the innovation of i-Sajadah presents high potential solution as a user-friendly device to help Muslims to mastery the daily raka’ah sequences thus improves the concentration and quality of solah.






  • Effective device to help user remembering exact raka’ah in performing solah.
  • Provide user-friendly mechanism for impaired vision user in remembering the exact raka’ah during prayer.
  • The device can be used everywhere, convenient for traveling and mobility.
  • It is equipped with smart notification system and easily rechargeable.



  • Alternative solution to help users concentrate and improves the quality in performing solah.
  • Avoid doubt in counting raka’ah during prayer.
  • Convenient and user-friendly for different age and type of user.
  • Smart sensory device, reliable processor and counting scheme with non-interfering notification system.



  • Direct market to suppliers or manufactures of prayers equipment, i.e: prayer rugs.
  • Direct market to related government agencies, hospitals or health institutions, as well as impaired vision society.
  • Demonstration device or learning instrument for children to learn how to perform solah correctly.
  • Useful for elderly and those who suffering doubt syndrome.

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Akbar, J., Hussin, B., Md, M. R., & Lada, M. Y. (2018). i-Sajadah : Prayer Rug with Smart Raka'ah Notification Device. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2018-MTUNConnect.N82675
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