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RM100.00 Fixed Price
325 days
Bioengineering, Surface Science, Cell Based Biosensor, 3D Cell Culture, Bioinstrumentation


2D cell model has been used widely and routinely used for stem cell, cancer cell and mammalian cell cultures. Current 2D (monolayer) cell culture in biological laboratory producing monolayer of cells for analysis and cell study is far from the physiological system which is in three dimensional with multicellular structure.

FLICK-CAP allows the reconstruction of viable multilayer cellular structures in microcapsules of alginate that could be used for a model mimicking the tissue system. It can be used to bridge
between 2D cell model and animal model to reduce the failure of drug testing by providing a more realistic cell model prior to animal testing.
FLICK-CAP consists of a flicker system (end-product) which can produce 80 pieces/min of microencapsulated 3D cells such as keratinospheroids (microtissue of keratinocytes) in calcium alginate.








Microbeads size adjustable (200 – 300 µm)
Production rate, 80 pieces per minute
Do not required post-cleaning process
Built-in rechargeable battery (portable)
Last more than an hour once fully charged
Made of sterilisable materials

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Soon, C. F., & Chuan, W. S. (2018). FLICK-CAP Flicker Machine for Microencapsulation. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia: MTUN Research Repository. QOI: 60.43650.2018-MTUNConnect.597231
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