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“KEN-REST” Multipurpose and High Performance Eco-Friendly Hybrid Composite

RM0.00 Fixed Price
361 days
by Rozyanty Rahman (n/a)
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There is a dramatically surge in interest in environmentally materials and technology in industrial sectors and composites derived from natural, renewable resources. Septic tanks, manhole covers, automotive parts and structural composite are widely made of fiberglass which is expensive, cause harm to workers, abrasive to processing equipment and not environmentally friendly.

4 days ago


RM50,000.00 Fixed Price
26 days
by Hazry Desa (n/a)
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Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is entrusted through a partnership with a company from Germany through the Centre of Excellence for Unmanned Systems (UAS) to produce commercial quality of unmanned aircraft (UAV).

11 months ago
Design Engineering, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Mechanical Design, Feature Extraction, Fuzzy Clustering, Flight Dynamics, Clustering, Classification, Robotics, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Al
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