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Ideaku App

RM0.00 Fixed Price
354 days
by Ong Sing Goh (n/a)
0 Proposals

New ideas and innovations are important for creating a nation that produces rather than uses. It can also boost the country’s knowledge economic for enhanced competitiveness. Although innovation are important drivers of productivity and economic growth, still many of such new creations do not own its intellectual property (IP) rights. IP rights are exclusive rights on intellectual creations...

2 weeks ago
Mobile Technology

MeetInventor: An Academic Innovation and Science Research Towards Commercialization

$150,000.00 Fixed Price
329 days
by Ong Sing Goh (n/a)
0 Proposals

This proposed research project, named MeetInventorTM aims aims to promote academic research towards commercializing academic research products. MeetInventorTM enables this process by encouraging researchers to expose their research works and capabilities. The need for promoting academic research products is essential so that the research work does not end in the academic arena. These potential research innovations need to be...

1 month ago
Innovation Science Research, Intelligent System, Research Funding, Web Applications

ICT Solutions Provider

RM100.00 Fixed Price
182 days
by Heitech Admin (n/a)
0 Proposals

As Malaysia’s leading ICT player, HeiTech has brought to the market many innovative technologies through our holistic, integrated and reliable services.  The services and solutions offered cover the entire life cycle of system and products from; System Integration and Application Development, Technology and Infrastructure Solutions right up to Value-Added Industry Specific ICT Solutions.

6 months ago
HeiTech Village, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, UEP Subang Jaya, 47600, Selangor, Malaysia
ICT Solutions, System Integration, Application Development


RM50,000.00 Fixed Price
121 days
by Yasmin (n/a)
0 Proposals

SWID Web is a system which is designed to assist authorities in managing solid waste illegal dumping in Malaysia. This system is a web based programmed that incorporate mobile applications of geo-tagging platform which enable for reporting, triggering alerts and responding incidents of illegal dumping using smart phone. In this system, photos are captured by site officer and...

8 months ago

Interactive Augmented Reality Technologies

RM500.00 Fixed Price
89 days
0 Proposals

Finding Pixie This is a game type educational Augmented Reality application using markerless technology. It assists young kids to learn different types of rainbow colour by pointing randomly to colours surrounding them.

9 months ago

e-Ticketing System Using QR Technology

RM500.00 (8 hours) Per Hour
28 days
0 Proposals

E-Ticketing System using QR (Quick Response) Code technology is a mobile application where customers can buy tickets via mobile. Every ticket purchased will be given QR code for verification process. The QR code is essential during the boarding process where customer need to show their QR code before on board to the bus. Bus driver will then scan...

11 months ago
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