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Smart Mobile Phone Dis-connector

RM500.00 Fixed Price
140 days
by Ranjit Singh (n/a)
0 Proposals

Mobile phone always requires charging to keep it alive. Due to charging required factor, consumers prefer to leave their mobile phone stay connected even though it is hundred percent (100 %) charged.  This factor leads to damaging the mobile phone battery and at the same time also damaging the circuit board system. Looking at these factors, this proposal...

7 months ago
Electronics system, consumer electronics

Retrofit Fuel Injection Kit For Small Gasoline Engines-FuelGainKit (FGK) Funded

RM600.00 Fixed Price
183 days
0 Proposals

The escalating fuel prices have increased the popularity of small-engine usage as a mode of transportation, not only in this country, but also all over the world. The mainly carburetted engines are very inefficient, consume more fuel and produce high level of hazardous emissions that results in serious health problems related to air pollution. It has also been...

6 months ago

E-Sense Pathway

RM80.00 Fixed Price
28 days
by Kok Swee Leong (n/a)
0 Proposals

E-Sense Pathway is a human-interaction technology based system where an elelctroic display will only be activated whenever there is a passerby/ pedestrian present near to the display system. The activation is realized by human foot stepping onto an electronic floor made up of piezoelectric component and wireless module embedded in a floor tile. The force from the human...

11 months ago

Ideaku App

RM0.00 Fixed Price
354 days
by Ong Sing Goh (n/a)
0 Proposals

New ideas and innovations are important for creating a nation that produces rather than uses. It can also boost the country’s knowledge economic for enhanced competitiveness. Although innovation are important drivers of productivity and economic growth, still many of such new creations do not own its intellectual property (IP) rights. IP rights are exclusive rights on intellectual creations...

2 weeks ago
Mobile Technology

UTeM IoT-Powered Plugs

RM300.00 Fixed Price
66 days
by Gan Chin Kim (n/a)
0 Proposals

This product offers web-based monitoring for the building’s power consumption as well as controls the building appliances feathered by Internet of Things. The system is comprised of a web-based application, a power monitoring plug and a portable smart plug that could be installed at the socket outlets.

10 months ago
UTeM, Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysia

Shopping Mall Assistant

RM100.00 (8 hours) Per Hour
338 days
by Yew Guan, Soo (n/a)
0 Proposals

Buyer decision-making is sometimes all about price, deals, and coupons. If shoppers have to hunt for promotions, deals, or coupon codes, they may abandon your mobile site or app to search for them, leaving no clear path back to return to their shopping experience. Avoid losing shoppers who have yet to make a purchase by providing promotions, deals,...

4 weeks ago
Embedded System, Bio-signal Processing

Controllable Fish Feeding System

RM0.00 Fixed Price
89 days
0 Proposals

Determining the feasibility of spraying machine control systems with using solar energy. This machine uses solar energy for power supply. This is for save energy and cost from use direct current. From the graph it show that the solar average charging can manage 3-4 volt per hour so it get enough power supply to operate the machine for...

9 months ago
UTHM, Parit Raja, Johor, Malaysia
Parametric Modelling, Control, Vibration

Corrosion protection by potential of zero charge

RM15,000.00 Fixed Price
358 days
by Shaiful (n/a)
0 Proposals

Potential of Zero Charge (Epzc) is a characteristic value of the electrode potential for any metal at which a surface of the metal will not acquire an electrical charge when it comes into contact with an electrolyte. At the EPZC, there is no or very limited current flow. The adsorption of excessive positive and/ or negative charge to...

6 days ago
Materials Science & Engineering, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Corrosion Protection, Surface Tension


RM50,000.00 Fixed Price
121 days
by Yasmin (n/a)
0 Proposals

SWID Web is a system which is designed to assist authorities in managing solid waste illegal dumping in Malaysia. This system is a web based programmed that incorporate mobile applications of geo-tagging platform which enable for reporting, triggering alerts and responding incidents of illegal dumping using smart phone. In this system, photos are captured by site officer and...

8 months ago

Green Technology Solventless Extraction of Beneficial Essential Oil

RM0.00 Fixed Price
182 days
0 Proposals

Essential oils are recognized for their aromatic smell and possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anticancer and bio pesticide properties. Due to these intriguing biological activities,m essential oils are widely applied in the cosmetic industry producing various cologne waters, bathing essences, hair lotions and shampoos and as a component of disinfectant and insecticides. As a result, the market demand...

6 months ago
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